EAA Standard Work Tables

Once I ordered the airplane kit I turned my attention to my garage. First thing I needed was some work tables. I have built various tables in the past at previous locations where I have lived. This time around, I wanted something mobile so casters were a must. After seeing many builders using the Chapter 1000 tables, I decided to adapt them to my liking. The chapters web site says the cost of the tables in 1997 dollars was $60. It is more like $100 per table in 2007 dollars.

First off, I am 6'1" and the tables as designed were too low for me. I also needed them to be a little larger in both length and width. My tables are 36"x72"x36". I don't plan on clamping them together. Once compete, these are very sturdy tables. The 3/4" top is strong enough to mount the bench grinder and vise to. The swivel casters work well and I can roll either table around with little effort. When the wheels are locked, they tables stay in place.

Materials Used:
(2) Full 3/4" MDF Sheets for the table top (These suckers are heavy)
(2) Full 1/2" MDF Sheets for the lower shelf
(~20) 2x4x8
(6) 1x4x8 Pine
(1) 1/4" Hole Back Board
(1) Box of 3" Screws
(1) Box of 2" Screws
(8) Locking Swivel Casters

Here is one of the first cuts I made. I started by making all my cuts and then assembling everything. Make sure you spring for the good stuff when buying 2x4's. Don't use framing studs! They will warp and bend like the crooked old man. I found some premium doug fir 2x4's at Lowes.

You assemble the table upside down from the top up. Here I have the top table frame laid out on the floor. I tacked everything together with an air stapler. Make sure it is square. The I pre drilled the holes and finished everything off with 3" screws. Top

Now the table legs and bottom shelf supports.. Top

I had lot's of help building today. Top

This is the basic assembly without the 3/4" MDF top and 1/2" lower shelf. I gave it a quick once over with the sander to remove anything that might cause a sliver. This this is really sturdy. Top

Measure twice, cut once. Top

One one of the tables, I added a back board frame that I covered with 1/8" hole board. This will allow me to hang some tools up off the table and keep things organized. Top

Another view of the almost completed table. I added a pine 1x4 wrapper to the edge of the tables to help cover up the edges of the 3/4" MDF. I routed all the way around with a 1/4" round bit to give them a nice edge. Top

Here they are pretty much complete except for the casters. I will be making a trip to Harbor Freight in the next day or two. I plan on using the swivel type with locking wheels. They will raise the tables another 2.5" - 3" inches. Top

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