October 8th , 2007
Trim Tab Servo

Today I worked on the trim tab servo installation. I am using the trim system from Ray Allen on the elevator and eventually the ailerons. First I marked the location of the brackets that will hold the trim servo. I used the dimension on the plans to mark the lines.

After clamping everything together for one last check. I drilled the holes.

I countersunk the top two rivets and used an oversize opps rivet. I did this to allow for some clearance between the servo and the rivet head on the inside. The other two rivets were dimpled and used a regular rivet as specified on the plans.

You can see the upper two rivets do not have a dimple and they are a little larger in size when viewed from the bottom.

From the top side you can see the first two countersunk opps rivets.


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