October 7th , 2007
Trim Tab Hinge v2

I ended up ordering a new hinge and I received my order from Vans today. I have a new hinge, BOELube, oops rivets and a bunch of extra pop rivets.

While I was waiting for the order from Vans to show up, I made this rod end bearing tool from Sam Buchanan's web site. It works great.

I spent about an hour drilling and trimming the new hinge for the trim tab.

The gap between the trailing edge of the elevator and the leading edge of the trim tab has been shortened by about 1/8". Now the trailing edges are perfectly in line when I hold up a straight edge. The glare on the trim tab make it look off in this picture but they are perfectly straight.

Then I riveted them in place.

I bent the bottom skin on the trim tab inward so that it would clear the bottom of the rivets on the elevator when the trim tab is rotated inward.

Here you can see the angle of the bend in the skin on the bottom.

I am glad to have the trim tab done. All in all it was not nearly as bad as I though it would be. I actually enjoyed building this part.

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