September 30th , 2007
More Tim Tab Fitting

This morning I resumed work on the trim tab where I left off last night. I am happy with the way it came out so far. I attached the control arms and match drilled everything.

The servo kit comes with it's own control arm to replace the one in the Van's kit. It took me a minute to figure out which one was which. But once I figured that out. I was able to to get this laid out fairly quick.

The hinge gets laid out along the leading edge and trimmed to fit. Everything must be match drilled and deburred.

After deburring I checked the fit once more.

Countersinking the holes on the hinge material. I used the drill press.

Next I riveted the bottom part of the trim tab. I used my longeron yoke to reach around and squeeze the rivets. It worked out great!

Trial fitting the hinge after countersinking.

I put three pop rivets on one end and two on the other.

Next I had to clamp everything together to mark the location of the forward hinge on the elevator.

Everything is lined up and marked here.

Now the front hinge gets drilled using the same method as the trim tab hinge. Countersinking was a piece of cake since the drill press was already set up from the other hinge.

The completed product. In general I am pleased with the way this turned out. I am a little disappointed at the gap between the trim tab and elevator. For most people this would be perfectly acceptable bit I am contemplating ordering a new hinge from Van's and doing it again. After all it is only like $3.00.

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