September 23rd , 2007
Right Elevator Riveting

I spent the morning cleaning and priming the parts from last night. It was windy but I was able to shoot the primer in the garage with the doors open.

First step was to rivet the E-703/704 together. I used my longeron yoke to reach around the flanges.

The spar reinforcement plates and nutplates were next.


Here is a shot of where the E704/705 joins the E702 spar. I was able to squeeze these two rivets.

I could not fit the squeezer inside the spar to set these two rivets so they were shot with the gun.

Next, the right elevator control horn went on with no problems. I had an area where the primer did not stick very well so I scrubbed it off and will touch it up later.

Per the manual, I set the two rivets pictured before inserting the elevator rib/spa assembly in place. If you do not do this now, you will be using pop rivets later because you cannot reach the inside of this area after the rib/spar has been inserted.

Here I have the E-713 riveted in place with the two rivets on each side pictured above. I primed the inside of the E-713. I scuffed this area up pretty good. Typically I try not to scratch the outside of the skins. I will be fiber glassing this area down the road when I install the tips so I did not worry about the scratches there.

The E-714 counterbalance weight needs to be trimmed according the plans. I almost missed this part. A couple passes through the band saw made quick work of it.

Here is the rough shape after the band saw.

Using a file, I finished up the radius of the cut and knocked off the edges. Good enough.

Next, I had to insert the rib/spar assembly inside the skin. Once in place I dabbed RTV sealant on the inside of the skins where the two skin stiffeners meet at the trailing edge. I used a glob about the size of a piece of chewing gum. Then I clecoed everything in place. I was able to set all the rivets from here using my squeezer.

I decided to roll the leading edges tonight. WHat a major pain in the @&#!. These are much tougher than the rudder. I was having a heck of a time.

The finished product. The middle section is not laying flush. You can see the gap in the picture. I am going to have to spend some more time bending it by hand. I am calling it quits tonight however, before I throw something. :-)


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