September 22nd , 2007
Right Elevator Preparation ~ Mustang Sighting

What does 2.5 hours in the shop with a debur tool get you? A right elevator that is ready to prime. I spent the evening deburing, edge finishing, dimpling and cleaning up the right elevator. Everything is ready for a shot of primer. The weather has been cold and rainy so I'll have to wait for a good day to do the priming.

While I was outside in the yard this afternoon, I spotted or rather heard this mustang. It flew directly over my house. All in all it made four passes. I ran for the camera and got this shot on it's last pass to the east. You can see the sky is pretty cloudy. Man I wish I had one of those!

Here's a closeup


This thing must have been doing 300+. It was really screaming. There is nothing like the sound of a mustang.

I started off tonight countersinking the two lead counterweights. I used my drill press and made small adjustments until the fit was right.

Completed counterweights.

Here is the HS-714 after I dimpled the two holes for the screw. Nice and flush.

This is my method for deburing the spars. I clamp them to the table so they don't move aroung. I then use my battery operated debur tool to run down the line of holes.

Here are all the parts for the right elevator. It doesn't look like much. I can't believe this all took me 2 1/2 hours. Wew.



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