September 9th , 2007
Back Rivet Elevator Skins

I started the day off hard at work! "Eric, I need some opps rivets!" See below... Had lunch today with Kristi and Brooklyn at the airport. There were a couple T6's giving rides.

This is the trim tab area of the left elevator. In my previous posts, I wasn't too happy with how the flange (gray area) turned out. It warped a bit when I was squeezing the rivets on the nutplates. Once I back riveted the whole thing to the skins it flattened out.

Today wasn't going well with riveting. I don't know what my problem was but I buggered about 4 rivets while back riveting. I ended up having to drill them out. They did not come out easily. I ended up enlarging the hole and drilled to a #30. I did not have any opps rivets on hand. A friend of mine, Eric, came to the rescue and gave me a hand full. Can you tell which one is an opps rivet? The second from the bottom. The bottom rivet is just blurry. There is no dent there on the skin even though it looks that way.

Primed and riveted.

Eric also loaned me is bending brake he made from 2x6's. This saved me a trip to Home Depot and a bunch of time.

Simple construction. 2x6's with door hinges.

This thing worked great. It made nice even bends on the trailing edge.

Now I had the skins clecoed to the 702 spar and ribs. The next thing was the elevator control horn.

Taking a minute to observe my work.

The elevator horn attaches with 12 AN470 rivets.

I had my little helper in the shop again tonight. She thinks the dimpling tool is making pancakes!


Eric also loaned me his jig for building the fuel tanks. This is going to save me even more time. Note to self when building an RV - Find a friend who is ahead of you in the build process to borrow cool things from. :-)

Both elevators are almost ready for disassembling, prep work and priming. Construction of both sides is really similar except for the trim tab on the left side. I build both the left and right side together even though the manual says to build the right first.


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