August 25th , 2007
Primed Skins, Assembled Spars and Counterweights

I set the skins aside a while today and got to work on the elevator spars. The plans direct you to start with the right side and then build the left. If you read ahead in the manual you will notice that a lot of the construction overlaps between the two. I chose to build both the left and right sides at the same time knowing that the left side differed with the trim tab parts.

Here I have the spar reinforcement plates in place and drilled. Took about 2 minutes.

I only prime the inside skins where it meets other metal parts. This is really easy to do with the SEM rattle can.

The E-704 tip spars get drilled to the E-704 ribs.

This connection was a major pain in the butt. I was having problems getting everything lined up. It seams like others have had this same problem. I was able to get everything together after some prying. I am going to research this some more later.

Completed tip ribs and spar.

I disassembled everything and started the counterweight construction. The first step is to cleco the counterweight skin to the ribs with the lead weight inside. This seems pretty easy but required a lot of pulling and pushing to get the holes lined up. In the end, I was able to ge them lined up without having to file the lead weight.

Once you get the first two clecos in, they rest are fairly easy. One rib seemed to be harder than the other for some reason. The holes were a little off.

Side view.

Drilling is straightforward. I think I used a #12 and some WD40 for lube.

Lead is pretty soft and drills easily.

I took everything apart and set the pieces aside for now. I am going to work on getting the stiffeners back riveted to the skins over the next couple days.

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