August 24th , 2007
Drilled Skins and Stiffeners ~ Primed Stiffeners

Today I was able to match drill the stiffeners to the skins. The elevators go together pretty much like the rudder.

After finishing the edges and dimpling the stiffeners, they got a coat of SEM primer. I switched back to the SEM after trying the NAPA brand on the rudder. The SEM is a better product and it lays on a lot better.

Here is the trim reinforcing plate. I debated on how to attach the nutplates. Some guys use an oops rivet and countersink the reinforcement plate to the rivets lay flush. With this method, you do not have to dimple the nutplate itself. I didn't have any oops rivets on hand so I decided to dimple everything. At first I was not happy with this results. I ended up bending the nutplates a little because the dimple sets are too big. Some people grind off a side of the set to avoid this. After I bent the flanges of the nutplates back they ended up fitting pretty good.

I was playing around with the parts and pieces of the trim tab to get a feel for how it all goes together. You can see the nutplates have been installed.

All together.

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