August 5th , 2007
Deburr, Dimple and Countersink the Counterweight

I met a new builder today. Steve stopped by to have a look at my work and see my progress. Steve is building a 7A and is expecting his quick build kit in the next few weeks. Boy am I gonna be jealous when it shows up!

I spent a lot of time disassembling everything, deburring, dimpling and getting everything ready for priming. There is quite a bit of deburring on the rudder. There are several parts that need to have the edges polished and lots of dimpling. For the most part I was able to do all the dimpling with my squeezer. There were only about 3 or 4 holes that I could not reach so off to the DRD2 I went.

It was time to countersink the R-916 Rudder Wedge. I used Brad's method and everything turned out great.

One of the last things to do today was to countersink the holes in the R-912 counterbalance rib weight. I used the drill press for this job.

You can see the #10 screw sits nice and flush.

Once I had the first hole complete. I simply back drilled the second hole with a piece of wood beneath.

Both holes complete. I used the #10 dimple die that I got in my kit from Isham. This whole thing took about 5 minutes. It's close to midnight so I am calling it a night now.


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