August 3rd , 2007
Still More Rudder Construction

Both skins are completed and clecoed in place. Time to match drill everything.

Here is the R-710 Horn before any cutting.

I marked the horn as shown in the plans. The side with the "X" gets removed. I cut this using a pair of snips.

After some polishing on the grinder and Scotch-Brite wheel. All ready to mount in place and drill.

With the R-710 horn in place, you can drill all the holes. One thing I found out here is the plans and manual don't say anything about match drilling the 4 holes on the side of the R-710 where it lays beneath the skin. (Top of this picture). I didn't catch this until after I removed the parts for deburring. I had to assemble them again and drill them out. I looked around and see that other people have had this same problem. No big deal though.

Now the R-918 bottom attach strips need to be cut. These are made from a single piece of 1 1/8" aluminum strip that is included in the kit. It is the same piece of aluminum that the R-917 shim is made out of. I kept overlooking it when I was searching for how to make the attach strips. But I finally figured it out.

The attach strips get clamped in place and back drilled using the holes in the skin as a guide.

Here are the completed attach strips.


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