August 1st , 2007
More Rudder Construction - Left

First off it seams like I have been working on this rudder forever! I was able to get in a couple hours of work tonight. I had to complete the left rudder stiffeners and skin. Here is a shot of the completed stiffeners before priming.

The hole on the flange of the R-904 rib gets enlarged to 3/8". I used the step drill and it was a piece of cake.

I had to create a shim to fit under the R-405PP rudder horn. I had to read the plans/manual about 10 times to get this right. For some reason the instructions didn't seem very clear. But once I was done, it is really simple. Duh. I also had to take off a little material from the top edge of the R-405PP horn to allow it to sit flush against the R-904 rib.

Next I assembled the top portion of the rudder. There are two ribs and a small piece of skin that get match drilled. Pretty easy stuff by now.

Completed spar/rib assembly.

Here I have the right skin clecoed to the ribs and spar.

Another shot. As soon as I get the left side back riveted, it will go on next.


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