July 22nd, 2007
Completed VS Construction
Car Fly's Again!

Today I finished the vertical stabilizer construction. Here is the doubler and hinge brackets clecoed to the rear VS spar.

I just completed the riveting. I was able to reach all the rivets with the squeezer.

On the rear of VS-803PP you need to make sure to have the flush rivets set so they are facing the back of the spar. This will allow the spar to fit flush against the fuselage when mounting.

The ribs are next.

NOw the skin gets clecoed in place.


Completed riveting the VS skin. This thing is starting to look like it will fly.

I took some time today to install some hooks on the wall to hand the HS from. THis will keep it out of the way while I work on other components.

A close up of the hooks. I picked them up at Home Depot.

Here is the finished spar just before it gets lined up to the VS.

Spar is clecoed in place ready to rivet. You can get all of these with a squeezer.

Here is my method for setting the skin rivets with the squeezer. I put a small piece of masking tape on the flush set so it will not mar the skin surface when setting the rivets. You can see I have a flush set on the top and bottom of the yoke.

Here is what is looks like from the operators point of view. You can go right down the line pretty fast. Just be sure to keep things perpendicular and keep the top set flush against the top of the rivet.

It was rather warm in the shop this evening.

The completed vertical stabilizer. There are six rivets along the bottom on each side that do not get riveted now. They are for the fairing attachment later down the road.

The car fly's again!


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