July 21st, 2007
Completed HS Riveting and Assembly
Car Fly's!

Wow, I was able to spend about 3 hours today working in the shop. I completed the HS riveting. I was surprised how quickly the riveting goes once you get everything set up and get in the groove.

Some bad news. I bought a cheap torque wrench from Harbor Freight this week to torque down the four bolts that attach HS-411 to the rear spar. They require 20-25 in/lbs. The torque wrench was defective and I ended up stripping two of the bolts. ARG! Long story short, I returned it to Harbor Freight and bought a new torque wrench from Sears.

The bolt on the right backed off. The nut on the left just spins. I tried to use vise grips and pull the nut while I turned but no worky. I am going to try cutting it off with a dremel at the advise of some of the members on vansairforce.net. I will need to be really careful not to cut into the spar. I set this aside for later when my nerves are up to the task.

This is the completed HS just after I finished riveting. Wow I have a hand cramp!

In the tradition of others before me. Dan and Brad both have their flying chair and hammock. Today my car car flew!


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