July 18th, 2007
Started Riveting on Left HS Skin

I am finally ready to rivet a real skin! Once I got everything set up I noticed I forgot to dimple some of the HS skins so I had to go back and finish them. That took about an hour. Below you can see where I primed over the rivet lines and left the alcad everywhere else.

The DRDT-2 makes dimpling really easy.

Using the DRDT you can go right down the row as fast as you can line up the holes.

Now the HS-707 has been riveted in place. I actually thought this part went really easy.

HS-707 and HS-708 are joined through the spar with pop rivets.

Here is where I stopped for the night. The left skin is now ready for riveting. All in all about 3 hours in the shop tonight. I also spent some time organizing things and cleaning up. I put the carpet on the table to help protect the skins from scratches.

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