July 7th, 2007
Vertical Stabilizer Construction

Here I have the skins installed and everything gets match drilled with a #40. The spar to rib attachments are also match drilled. Pay attention to the lower section of the main spar.

There are several items to pay attention to on the lower portion of the main VS spar where it attaches to the fuselage bulkhead. Study the plans because this is a common area where builders make mistakes. The lower two holes on the bottom hinge bracket does not get drilled until the VS is mounted to the fuselage. Also the lower rivets (marked) are installed from the back of the spar and sit flush against the spar.

Debur, debur, debur and debur some more. All together now...

Here's the lower end of the main VS spar again with the dimples and countersinking.

Here is all the VS parts finished and ready for priming to begin. Time to call it a day.

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