June 7th, 2007
Picked Up Wing Kit From VAN's

Today I picked up the wing kit from Van's. I was originally planning on driving to Aurora to pick them up myself but it ended up being cheaper to have them shipped to me. I had them sent to the Fed Ex depot facility in town and it was a LOT cheaper than having them sent to my house. My friend Eric met me at the Fed Ex facility in Boise to help load them and haul them to his house. He volunteered to store them at his house while I get moved into our new house. Thanks a bunch to Eric for helping me out!

Here's Eric doing all the hard work while I supervise and take pictures! Ha.

Both boxes are resting safely in the garage until I can take them home. I wanted to rip into these boxes and see all the goodies inside. But I have to wait.

Here is a parting shot of the RV7 that Eric is building. It's a slow build taildragger like mine. You can see he just started his fuselage sections of the kit. His shop is very clean and his workmanship is excellent. He is going to have one nice airplane when he is done.

Update: July 3rd 2007

I picked up the wings today and brought them home.


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