May 3rd, 2007
Right Horizontal Stabilizer Construction

Ok. There is a bunch of crap in the garage because we are having a big yard sale this weekend. The cars are living outside for the time being. Now for the right side. Same as before, cleco the basic framework together. Front/rear spar, HS-406

The rear part of HS-405 has holes that are larger than the rest. Make sure you count the holes and check the plans. Mine was the 8th hole from the tip of HS-609PP. I marked the with a blue circle.

Fluting HS-404 and HS-405 is really easy. Here is the fluting pliers I got from Isham. I like the plastic tips because they don't leave any marks on the aluminum. I know you can't see any marks after you install the rib but still, I liked how they worked. Fluting only took about 5-10 minutes.

This is how I marked the centerline on HS-405 and HS-404 after the fluting process.

Just like the other side, HS-405 and HS-404 are clamped into position. Align the centerline on the flange with the holes on the skins.

This is the bottom of HS-405 where it attaches to HS-603PP before the holes are drilled.

HS-405 gets drilled and clecoed. Then I drilled the line of holes down the HS-702 spar. Cleco every 2nd or 3rd hole.

Here is a shot after drilling the HS-405 to HS-404 holes.

One thing I found helpful when drilling the skins is to mark the clecos before you move them and drill again. This made it easy to spot the holes that have not been drilled.

Just like the other side, the HS-710 and HS-714 get drilled after removing the skins.

I took some time after the right HS was done to clean up the shop. I purchased this gray carpet roll at Home Depot for about $15. I am playing around with how I can attach it to the workbench so I can slide things around when dimpling. Here are all the parts ready to debur, dimple and prime.

Looking back on the past few days, I was able to complete the right side of the HS much faster having already done the left side the day before.


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