May 2nd, 2007
Final Left Horizontal Stabilizer Construction

Here we have HS-405 clamped and clecoed in place. The bottom two holes in HS-603 get drilled and clecoed.

HS-405 is complete at this point. HS-710 and HS-714 are clecoed in place ready to start on HS-404.

Late night snack time...

The centerline on HS-404 and HS-405 must be marked before insertion to make sure you have the holes lined up and you have plenty of edge clarence after drilling.

Here I am setting up for the scary HS-404 to HS-405 drilling. I am hoping my cutting and measurements were good so I don't have to worry about minimum edge distance on any of the holes.

An angle drill would have really been nice here. However, I was able to get the holes drilled from the rear using the holes in HS-405 and a pilot. I used the 12" #30 bit and they came out ok. I think I am going to order an angle drill attachment though. I am sure I will run into areas like this again at some point and it would make things a lot easier.

Whoot! The results were not too shabby. This was probably the single hardest part of the HS construction so far. Well, not hard, but you just need to pay attention and study the plans before you go boring holes through any parts.

Now all the holes on both sides of the HS skin need to be drilled with a #40. Move the clecos and drill the remaining holes. Remove the skins and set aside.

Last but not least, the remaining holes in HS-710 and HS-714 must be drilled to #30


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