May 1st, 2005
Putting the Left HS Together

Tonight I picked up where I left off on the HS-702's. Pay close attention to which sides the dimple goes on. Also make sure to countersink the correct sides of the HS-710 and HS-714. After I was done, I clamped everything together again and checked out the fit. Everything looked good. Nice and flush.

Now on to the HS-404 cutting. This is where I really like looking at what other builders have done. Brad over at tells us to pay close attention to how much is trimmed off the HS-404 to maintain proper edge distance once drilled. This advice saved my bacon and I moved the marks for the holes in about 1/16" further than what the plans call for. I was also careful to not remove too much during the cutting. Thanks for the heads up Brad!

The picture below illustrates that I drilled a 1/8" pilot hole before cutting with the band saw. This makes a nice radius in the corner. Avoid 90 degree corners and edges everywhere.

The band saw cuts through the ribs like butta. Then run everything through the scotch brite wheel and pads. Then your done with the HS-404.

Here all the ribs have been fluted and have their edges deburred. Everything is marked left and right.

Here I marked the HS-405 for drilling. I stared at the plans for about 10 minutes and have read the instructions over and over before I marked anything. Another area where Brad's site helped me out. This process actually ended up being really easy once I wrapped my brain around. Just be careful to maintain good edge clearances for all your holes. I did the other side in about a minute.

I used a center punch to mark the holes and drilled them out with a #30.

Now you cleco the HS front and rear spars together with HS-404, HS-405 and HS-406. Drill out the holes, take apart, deburr and put back together.

Now the fun part. The skin. Finally, this thing starts to resemble a piece of an airplane. Today I got my first case of "cleco hand" or hand cramps from all those clecos! That pneumatic cleco squeezer sure looks nice right about now. Time to hit ebay...

Another angle. I am off to bed.


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