April 29th, 2007
Front HS Spar Construction

I was able to squeeze in a few more hours in the shop today. After finishing up the work on the rear spar it is time to move on to the front. First thing is to lay out the HS-702 out on the table and place HS-710 & HS-714 on top. Cleco them in place and drill out the #30 holes. Pay attention to the plans and instructions here. DO NOT drill the holes beyond the bend point or where HS-404 attaches. These holes will be drilled later.

After the holes are drilled, mark HS-710 and HS-714 where they will be trimmed. I used a combo of the band saw and scotch-brite wheel here. I think a bench sander would be really useful for things like this. I will probably end up buying one. I have had several builders tell me they use it a lot.

After trimming and polishing, you will end up with something like this...

Now how in the heck are you supposed to bend these 6 degrees? After thumbing around with a protractor and ruler, I decided to make a wood template. Luckily my miter saw has markings in 1/2 degrees. This made cutting the block really simple. I then checked my block against my angle finder tool thingamajig.

Clamp HS-710 and HS-714 in a vise between two wood blocks and you are good to go. A couple quick whacks with the mallet and viola! A perfect 6 degrees.

Again on the other side.

Now with those clecoed in place, a final check to make sure everything is square (or bent if you prefer).

The final shot of the front HS spar. This thing is starting to look like a airplane already!


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