April 28th, 2007
HS Construction Finally Begins HS Rear Spar

Finally, It seems like all I have been doing is organizing my shop, building tables and fixtures and counting parts. Following the instructions, I " broke" the edges and rounded the ends of HS-609PP. I used a vixen file the finished it up with a pass on the scotch-brite wheel. Then I laid out HS-603PP on some blocks. I clecoed every third hole and ran a #30 drill through all the holes.

So far the hardest part about building an airplane is removing all those little stickers on the small parts! Geeez, those things don't like to come off. A little dab of Goo Gone made this an easy task.

Here we has HS-411 A & B with the VA-146 being drilled. This was a fairly easy task just take your time and read through the instructions. I used some clamps for the fist time to hold the assembly in place while I drilled.

Kinda blurry but here are the first rivets on the actual plane. The squeezer made quick work of them. Only 11,994 to go!

Here is the completed rear spar. I set this aside until the get to take it apart for deburring and cleanup before priming.

I wasted a few minutes cutting out this part of the box to remind myself of things to come.


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