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I have created this web site to document the build process of the airplane I am building. Yep, I am building an airplane in my garage! I have found LOTS of helpful information from other builders web sites and by creating this site, I can hopefully help someone else. It also doubles as a build log. Please feel free to drop me a line to let me know what you think of this site or have any questions about the RV-7.


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2012 - Built new shop and moved project into it.

1/28/2008 - Enough of the cold! Installed heater in the garage.

11/20/2007 - Working on metal wing stands.

10/18/2007 - Finished up the epoxy on the garage floor. Brought my wing stands home.

7/27/2007 - Added search and working on some other backend stuff for this website.

7/22/2007 - Finished the horizontal and vertical stabilizers.

7/6/2007 - Finally back to work! I have been anxious to get things going again on the RV. Boy, the whole move thing kind of slowed me down. I had a good friend in town this week and we were able to get some things in the garage organized so I could start building again. I continued where I last left off doing the final deburring of the HS and starting the VS construction.

6/7/2007 - Today I received my wing kit from Van's. Since I haven't moved into our new house yet, I had them shipped to the Fed Ex depot and opted to pick them up myself from there. This actually worked out quite nicely because the shipping costs was much less than shipping it to a residential address. I ended up paying just a little over $130. My buddy Eric helped me transport them to his house where they are safely stored until I have a house of my own again. Eric is making awesome progress on his RV7. He is working on the fuselage now. It really made me want to get back to work on my plane. I was expecting to have my emp done by now.

5/22/2007 - We finally found a house and have an offer on the table. We expect to close around June 15th. So I am in a holding pattern for now and the plane parts are stored neatly away. I am spending the time researching about the RV7 and daydreaming about that panel someday!

5/8/2007 - Ok. I was planning on getting a whole lot done this past weekend on the HS. On saturday, our house finally sold so I ended up spending the whole weekend dealing with that. We are now looking for a new house (hopefully with a shop!) and preparing to move. I think this is going to slow me down for a couple weeks on the RV building. But I would rather move the plane parts now instead of having to move a bunch of completed components and risk dinging them up. I did, however, manage to work on the new site layout a little this weekend. I am still planning on moving this site to a wiki and as soon as I finish the layout of the new site, I'll move it. Keep checking back for updates.

5/3/2007 - I am re-designing this site. I am migrating to a wiki format to make updating this site easier. I am spending too much time coding, formatting pictures etc when I should be building! I have some other construction pictures and logs but I am waiting until I move to the new site to upload them. Stay tuned!

5/1/2007 - I visited an auto paint store and got the run down on PPG products. I also visited Sherwin Williams and talked to them about their P60G2 Wash Primer. I made progress tonight on the left HS. The skins are now in place.

4/30/2007 - I made some progress this weekend working on the horizontal stabilizer. Both the front and rear spar have been assembled. I am researching priming options at this point. I need to make up my mind between PPG, Sherwin Williams and AKZO.

4/27/2007 - I was out a few days this past week in Las Vegas. I am anxious to get to work on the empennage kit. I finished the training kit tonight. I also received another order from Avery.

4/18/2007 - I have been busy working on creating this web site to document my work. I keep going round and round with the layout and finally ended up with what you are looking at. I have also been working on the RV training kit and waiting for the RV Tail Kit Video I ordered from homebuilthelp.com.

4/2/2007 - I created this web site for all to see. I hope to make it as easy as possible to find information about my plane and interesting to look at. I am looking into indexing the content so it is easily searchable. I also ordered an RV tool kit from planetools.com. They were a great help in selecting the right tools for the job. Highly recommended!!

3/29/2007 - Ordered my empennage and wing kit from Vans. Waiting for confirmation and shipping information.


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